We've Got to Organize

From east to west from sea to sea
A voice rising up from among God’s people
From north to south
We’ve got to shout it out
We’ve got to break the chains
And take the muzzles off
We’ve got to come together

We’ve got to organize
We’ve got to fight the lies  
We won’t apologize
As we come against the tide
We will not shrink or hide 
But we will rise up high
We’ve got to organize

From every corner of this blessed land
Every denomination every outstretched hand
Raise our hearts to God listen to His plan
We will find our strength
We will take a stand
We’ve got to come together

Darkness has fallen on our land
But we know the One who is the great I AM
We will not let them silence the Lamb
We are his people together we stand
As the unborn cries
As the family dies
We will not stay silent
We will organize

©2007 CatholicBridge.com