I Am the Resurrection

When the Lord was thirty He went out to the desert
The devil tried to get Him but heaven was better
He listened to every word the father said
He could hear me talking inside his head
He got up on the mountain and started preaching
Opened up the scripture to a brand new teaching
“Hey everybody listen what I say
I am the Truth the Light the Way”

I am the resurrection
Your power and your protection
I am the resurrection
And the life, life, life
I am the celebration
The hope of every nation
I am the resurrection
And the life, life, life
Ffor everyone who believes

He went into the village and cured the lame
He cast out demons in his holy name
He chased the moneychangers from his father’s house
Then stood up and showed them what it’s all about
They took Him and they bound and brought Him to pilot
Pilot didn’t want Him so they started a riot
Crucify Him crucify is what they said
They didn’t know what they were doing
Wwhen they wanted Him dead

A dark day on Calvary, Stripped of all his dignity
His mother watched in misery,
As He breathed his last
They buried Him inside a cave,
Rolled the stone and walked away
And wondered how he’d ever save,
A world that didn’t know his name
But on the blessed day, the angel came to say
Why look among the dead for the living,
The stone was rolled away


By CatholicBridge.com ©2001 SOCAN
(written for the "Festival of Religious" song)