Every Mountain (Even More Alive)
(Eulogy song for Frank Mountain)

As we mourn, Heaven cries “Holy”
As you enter the Light, Heaven cries “Holy”

Twenty years ago evil tried to break you
But nothing could shake you
You rose above the pain
On the wings of faith

Every Mountain
Raise your voice on high
For the faithful never die
You are even more alive
You have won the crown
You ran the race
You’re the one who set the pace
You are evermore alive, alive

Your wife was a rock,
helped you through
Children were faithful
They were always there for you

Pray for the families broken by this age
Will return to Grace and Faith
And follow in your ways

Help us realize your dream
That every child of God will see
The light of day
And the gift of a lifetime
Mother Theresa helps us pray
Just the way she did that day
When you were given strength
To find your way
Help us see the day
When every child is safe

By CatholicBridge.com

 “He crossed the threshold of the next life, entering into the mystery of God. But he did not take this step alone. Those who believe are never alone - neither in life nor in death. At that moment, we could call upon the Saints from every age - his friends, his brothers and sisters in the faith - knowing that they would form a living procession to accompany him into the next world, into the glory of God. We knew that his arrival was awaited. Now we know that he is among his own and is truly at home.” Benedict XVI remembers John Paul II, Sept 14 2005, words that apply to Frank Mountain also.