Break Me

Hey Jesus, it caught me by surprise
I didn't see the hammer hit me right between the eyes
sometimes a situation takes a strange turn
and when it hits, you know it cuts and it burns

i thought that I was on the right direction
but you know all about my imperfections
you know how to make a change in me
i know you set me up so you can set me free
so go on and

break me, break down my defenses
shake me, shake me to my senses
break me, break everything about me
that's not of You

it looked so good as it was coming to me
floating like a butterfly, stung like a bee
hey Jesus, now I understand,
how the pain of life makes a brand new man

i thought that I was on the right direction
but there is sin and there is imperfection…in me
i know that it will always be a fight
but you're there to pick me up, until I get it right
so go on and (repeat Chorus)

every painful situation
every earthly hope I've lost
works for the good of my salvation
teaches me more about the cross
there will come a day when we'll be face to face

i know that I am under your protection
take my sin and all my imperfection
i know it's like a surgery
but when the pain is gone, you're going to sanctify me

take me, take down all my fences
shake me, shake me to my senses
make me, make me more like you

By ©2001 SOCAN