Catholic, prolife music, Christian, Children's music

Below are over 40 songs by CatholicBridge, a band lead by Hugh & Diane of this site. Purchasing music is a great way to support our work.

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Bounce Back

High energy Christ-centred hooks, infectious grooves. Beautiful worship songs, including "Across". Some of our best work to date. High energy Christ-centred youth cuts with catchy hooks and infectious grooves. Several beautiful worship songs, including "Across" which received much airplay on Christian radio.

Kids' Collection

At concerts, children run to the front to sing and do the hand gestures. Inviting them on stage became a highlight. This is a collection of songs that children love most at our concerts, with a solid Christian message for kids. Go here for the Kids' Collection Mp3 downloads.

Life Songs

This pro-life, pro-family collection contains 5 National March for Life theme songs, the theme for Canada's March for Marriage, and "Yes to Life", the theme from a Humane Vitae Conference.

Life is the Only Choice

Our Debut CD: received much airplay on Contemporary Christian radio. Holy of Holies went to #8 on local Christian Radio and Cult Cult-ure went to #3.

Catholic Bridge Greatest Hits

If you want to just buy one CD with 19 songs, this is the one to get. These are the songs that got airplay and which got great responses at live concerts. They will not dissapoint anyone who loves great pop music with a Catholic message.

The Rosary

A simple, quiet Rosary recitation with original soft background music. The 4 CD set contains the Joyful, Sorrowful, Luminous, and Glorious Mysteries. Go here for the Rosary Mp3 downloads.