Evangelical Christians converting and becoming Orthodox

There have been many Evangelicals who have been seeing the truth of Jesus in the Eucharist. They have been discovering the writings of the early Church Fathers. They see the division among Protestants and Evangelicals and conclude, rightly that the Evangelical model doesn't work. It is not consistent with Christ's call to unity. It has resulted in 30,000 different denominations each claiming to be right.

Many of these faithful Christians, find themselves at the doors of the Orthodox Church. They see the true presence of Christ in the Eucharist, the love of the early Church, a beautiful and reverent liturgy that goes back to the early days of Christianity. They also like that their is no recognition of the Magisterium in Rome, no central Pope, no purgatory, there are allowances for divorce and contraception, and a kind of middle ground between the Evangelical Church and the Catholic Church. I humbly submit, that the reason the Orthodox Church is more Protestant in their theology than the Catholics is because they have departed from the teachings of the fathers of the Orthodox church on these issues. Our prayer is that the Orthodox Church will return to it's roots regarding divorce, contraception, and the primacy of the Bishop of Rome, (which still gives autonomy to local bishops) and ultimately that we will once again have unity between the the eastern and western Church.

One of the most well known converts to Orthodoxy is Frank Schaeffer, is the son of the famous Protestant theologian Frances Schaeffer.

In his last days, Frances A. Schaeffer came closer and closer to converting to Catholicism. His last book was called "The Great Evangelical Disaster."

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