UFO Deception
A strategy of the antichrist

UFO's to "help" humanity

The idea that we are being visited by extraterrestrials who are here to help humanity will be a core strategy in the Great Reset. This may become the most important issue facing the Church over the next 5 years. It is likely the "Great Deception" spoken about in Scripture which will precede the apocalypse.

Groomed to accept ET belief in mainstream media

We have had 75 years of UFO grooming in books, Hollywood movies and TV, fiction novels etc, In 1947 was the first "sighting" leading to "abductions". In the last 5 years, there have been mainstream serious discussions in congress, news and mainstream media, including interviews on conservative media such as Joe Rogan and Tucker Carlson.

Groomed to accept ET belief by dissident theologians

Catholics are being groomed for the Great Deception by ET promoters who are "Catholic theologians" such as Teilhard, Richard Rohr, Balducci, Br. Guy and Vatican Astronomers. They want us to think the Bible can be reconciled with alien belief.

These same Et promoters believe the Bible provides a limited earth centric vision of salvation. Richard Rohr calls it "small". They also tend to think the Church should normalize any form of sex between 2 or more consenting adults of any gender or cross genders, and the tired old list of liberal issues around contraception etc.

The next step will be a "day of disclosure"

The next step will likely be some sort of a "Government disclosure" followed by "communication" with a barrage of media and finally some sort of mainstream message from aliens likely via someone who will act as medium, translator etc. for humanity who will be associated with the Great Reset.

The "fruit" of ET belief, spiral of demonic results

"You'll know the tree by its fruit" (Mat 17:15-20)

The fruit of Et belief is rotten; destructive relationships, disproportional suicide, death, addiction, sex practices, New Age belief and even terrorism such as the Japanese Subway massacre. There are numerous examples of faithful Catholic or Evangelical Christians who lost their faith completely after going down the "open minded" exercise of believing in extra terrestrials.

UFO cults have resulted in mass suicides of intelligent people dying in a certain pattern that they believed would set them up to meet the Aliens on another plain. People who escaped form these death cults never repudiated them but rather either felt grief that they missed the opportunity to jump on the "train that was leaving that day" or later suicided themselves. This is unlike cults around a personality like Jones town where the survivors renounced the movement. This is an indication of deep demonic oppression or possession.

UFO belief is a religion, like a large funnel where those dabbling around the outside of it don't realize the spider web it becomes.

There are cults with different degrees of entanglement on this funnel.

We should not be prideful and think that we can dabble in UFO phenomenon and presume that when the Great Deception happens we will be able to step back and not be sucked in.

List of UFO Cults

Name Founder Founded
Cosmic Host (Interdimensional CosmicHost) Jacob 2023
The Seekers (aka Brotherhood of the Seven Rays)[14][15][page needed] Charles Laughead (aka "Dr. Armstrong") or Dorothy Martin (aka "Marian Keech") 1953
Aetherius Society[2][3][10][16] George King 1955
Freie Interessengemeinschaft für Grenz- und Geisteswissen-schaften und Ufologiestudien (FIGU) Billy Meier 1975
Ashtar Galactic Command[11][12][14] Thelma B. Terrill ("Tuella") 1977
Chen Tao[14][17][18] Hon-ming Chen 1993
Cosmic Circle of Fellowship[19] William A. Ferguson 1955
Fiat Lux[12][20] Uriella 1980
Ground Crew Project[12][14] Sheldon Nidle 1980s
Heaven's Gate[10][21][22][23][24] Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles 1970s
Industrial Church of the New World Comforter[14] Allen Michael 1973
Love Has Won[25][26] Amy Carlson 2006
Mark-Age[19][27] Charles Boyd Gentzel and Pauline Sharpe 1962
Nation of Islam[28] Wallace Fard Muhammad 1930
The New Message from God[29] Marshall Vian Summers 1992[30]
Nuwaubianism[31][32] Dwight York 1970s
Order of the Solar Temple[10] Joseph Di Mambro and Luc Jouret 1984
Raëlism[2][3][11] Claude Vorilhon 1974
Scientology[3][11][12][13][33][34] L. Ron Hubbard 1952
Unarius[10][16][14][35][36] Ernest Norman and Ruth Norman 1954
Universe People[37] Ivo A. Benda 1997
Urantia movement[16][38] Spiritual entities 1924 at the earliest and 1955 at the latest
Church of the SubGenius Ivan Stang and Philo U. Drummond 1970's
Falun Gong Li Hongzhi 1992
Training centre for release of the Atma-energy[39] Heide Fittkau Garthe 1994
Joy of Satan Ministries Andrea Maxine Dietrich 2002

Eve dialogued with the devil

In the Bible, Book of Genesis, Eve made a huge mistake when she dialogged with talking snake. She should have known, snakes don't talk. Similarly, good Catholics should not entertain the idea of Aliens coming to save us from ourselves. It will result in the same consequences as Eve's dialog with the snake.

We unfortunately cannot trust what comes out of the Vatican on this any more than we could trust the advice to get vaccinated by the current pope. We, who will likely become the remnant, need to understand that aliens simply don't exist, and this can be determined without a doubt from Scripture, the Church Fathers, and examining the fruit of UFO movements and ET promoters vs faithful Catholics who do not hold such views. In cases of abduction, we simply have to examine the lives of those who have had them.

The remnant must not go near this anymore than we should not put our hand on a hot burner.

UFO's and the Golden Calf

God saved the Israelites through Moses. They saw the miracles. The Israelites in the dessert waited for Moses to return from the mountain . They got impatient. They had seen God's miracles and should have been able to wait but they did not. Now they did not intend to go to a foreign God, they just wanted God to be closer to them in a tangible way.

Likewise the world has seen the miracle of Jesus' death and resurrection. He has gone "up the mountain" in the ascension and has said he will return. The world has grown impatient and is now looking to fashion a new golden calf.

The similarity does not stop there. The Golden calf has a lot in common with UFO's. Whenever man thinks in anything that is more intelligent and wiser than man, and then place trust in this belief, which is not in God, it is an invitation for demons to step in and make this come true.

Ouija and Tarot are perfect examples. Any serious Christian recognizes the power in them but stays away because it is the voices of spirits.

The calf made itself. All Aaron did was throw the gold into the fire. Ex 32: 21-24. It was a demonically wrought false miracle.

The legion of demons which were the pagan gods did not vanish upon Christianity's conquest. They have waited and passed through the waterless places (Mat 12:43) for an opportune time to return with seven other spirits more evil than the first (Mat12:45).

See the scientific case against UFOs

NOTE: This article includes some exerts and/or summaries from Daniel O'Connor's book " Only Man Bears his Image".