Our wedding - January 1, 2011

Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to help us have such a beautiful marriage ceremony. We love being married, and appreciate all the prayers, love, and gifts we have received from our families and friends.

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How we Met

Diane's story

It was March, 2007 and I had been living in the Dows Lake area since the end of February with a beautiful charismatic Catholic lady named Pam Howe. One day, March 11th, Pam insisted I come with her to church for the first service… she had been thinking for a while of introducing me to a friend who was a professional musician… read more >

Hugh's story

After experiencing the highest and lowest that North American society had to offer, I had a powerful experience with the Lord in 1988 which led me in a radically different direction from my previous bohemian life as a musician and performer who had performed on Broadway and the US National Tour of Cats. I had no relationships after that experience and I went back to University...read more >