King of Creation

Mary walked into the Son-lit room
Elizabeth's baby leaped inside her womb
for a moment they bowed and prayed
to the Holy One the Light the Way

two thousand years since that glory day
mothers of the world gather in his name (Jesus)
each one is carrying expectant faith
raise your hands everybody and celebrate


let the eagle fly, let the rocks proclaim ...You
let the heavens ring in your Righteous Name
let the rivers overflow with life
for the King of Creation
and the children of the Light

let all the fathers jump for joy
let the Holy Spirit hit the girls and boys
let all the families raise their hands
we're going to rebuild this mighty land

we're going to follow you, we're going to walk the walk
going to build our lives upon a solid Rock (Jesus)
Lord Jesus author of life
You blow away the darkness with your Holy Light

By ©2002