Home to Rome

What can I say on a day like today
When my best friends have found their way
To the church where they belong
After searching for so long
Heaven rejoices on a day like today

Hail Holy Queen of hearts
You lit a candle in the dark
On the road from Calvary
The North South the East and the West winds
Are all blowing in the same direction
Bringing you home
Home to Rome

One to one, heart to heart
What God has joined, nothing can take apart
The union of your spirits
Is heaven’s call to witness
To the one blood, one body

Heaven and earth are here rejoicing
A cloud of witnesses surrounding us with love
The angles and saints are singing Holy
Holy is the Name, of our Lord Jesus

By CatholicBridge.com ©2006 SOCAN
(For my friend Dennis Girard
and his wife Angelina for their marriage
in the Catholic Church)