Holy of Holies

from the mountains and valleys
to the inner city alleys
there is no end to Your reign

from the angels in heaven
to the man in depression
Your love will always remain
Holy of Holies

Lord we come to you empty
asking for mercy
pour out your healing and grace
from the Manhattan skyline
to the Calcutta food line
heal all our hunger and rage
Holy of Holies

in the Holy of Holies
we fall down before thee
there is no end
there is no end
to the One who was and is to come
let Your mighty will be done
there is no end
there is no end

Spoken: Lord we ask that you put your hand on all our leaders infuse them with your Holy Spirit and lead us to the new Jerusalem

for the Hollywood writers
and the Pakistani fighters
we humbly offer this prayer
heal all our nations
lead us all to salvation
Lord heal the hate and despair
Holy of Holies

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