Freedom From the Past

what you see
is what you get
you know it's gonna turn around
but it hasn't yet
it's not your fault
it's gone so wrong
but you know that doesn't change
what's really going on

i've been there
in a prison in my mind
doing my time
I know where you're going to find
sweet Freedom

freedom from the past
the world is always turning
it doesn't have to last
yesterday is always burning
away…let the Holy Spirit set you free

He will make it make it easy
in a world that's hard
that doesn't really care
about who you are
his Holy Light will make it right
when the dreams wake you up
in the middle of the night

it don't matter what you've done
where you've been
where you're from
what's been done
to you ….you can be free
there's a Man
who understands
put you're life into his hands
let Jesus set you free
you'll be free from the past
freedom from the past

Music and Lyrics by © 2001