Forty years ago
Mr. Pierre Trudeau
Walked across the line

He said he was a believer
But didn't know your will
Got to look in the Holy Book
“you shall not kill”


Exodus, there’s a star ahead of us
Rising in the sky
We will follow
Through the night
To the future
Where our leadership
Will honour every life

Can you count the victims
Of that awful day
Fathers, mothers
Sisters, brothers
Falling from The Way

Listen to the baby crying
Deep inside the womb
Cannot keep denying, lying
We've got too much to lose


We’re gonna walk in the right direction
Through the desert in the Lord’s protection
We’re gonna make all the right connections
Gonna make a difference in all of the elections
We’re gonna make all the right corrections
Stop all the disabled baby selection
Put an end to the crazy digression                                                    
Walk in the light of the Resurrection

March for Life Theme 2009
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