Even in the Dark

On my way a few miles from heaven
Just around the bend from home

When out from nowhere on this road I'm taking
A sudden curve in my life is thrown
Somehow I wand to water it down
I know that if I do I'll drown
In my mind I'm thinking what will I do
But in my heart I hear

Even in the dark
Even in the darkest moments
Your loving arms surround me (REPEAT)

The walls are caving in where I hide my dreams
The cross I carry seems to disappear
The lines are faded where they used to be
Have I mistaken my faith for fear
My friends ask but I don't know what to say
I kneel down just to pray and wait
Some days I feel I'm going nowhere
But I know you're there

There's no telling where we go from here
But I do believe

© 1998 by Dennis Girard