Cult CULT-ure

We live in a culture where you can't say the Lord's Prayer in public schools because people find it offensive. We live in a culture where you can say the "F" word in the secular media
but you can't say the "J" word because people find Jesus offensive. We live in a culture where a baby sucking its thumb waiting to be born isn't a human. We live in a culture that doesn't know right from wrong, love from lust, Heaven from hell, Jesus from the devil. IT'S A CULT! I don't wanna join the CULT-ure

I'm a right-brained man in a left-brained world
Now I understand why my mind is in a whirl
They think I'm spacey but you know it don't phase me
'Cause I won't play the games are driving them crazy

It's a cult, don't wanna join the cult-ure (2x)
don't wanna join the cult-ure (2x)
don't wanna join the cult, cult-ure

I'm standing on the outside don't want to look in
Don't want to get a handle on how they win
They think that they're standing on their own two feet
But they're following the devil down easy street

Maybe you could turn around and change your mind
Before the gig is up and we're out of time
You can't close the door when the walls are caving in
And the world is flipping out swimming in sin

People living in the street, others in mansions
Kids building bombs listening to Marilynn Manson
Video games, kill the soldiers
Do it for real when they get older
Anorexic women on the TV screen
A great role model for a girl thirteen
High school dances cheap romances
HIV no second chances
Shopping malls filled on Sunday mornings,
Empty churches could it be a warning
Fast food, shallow novels, violent movies
Climb the social ladder get a hero medal

by ©2000