Abortion is Killing the Hope of the Future

Lord God, help me understand
Where we’re taking this Promised Land
So much talk about human rights
What’s more basic than the right to life?

A wave of death has hit from sea to sea
While we're denying the reality
We'll be facing our darkest fears
As our leaders turn a deafened ear
Our country is disappearing

Abortion is killing the hope of the future
We can’t go on pretending
That we don’t know where it’s ending
We’ve got to stop this
Distortion of what this county is believing
The message we’re receiving
What we’re sowing and reaping
‘Cause in God’s eyes every life is precious

Young people take a look around
Half your generation is in the ground
How many could have been your friends
They were brought to a tragic end

Can you stand up and lend your voice
To the victims who have No Choice
Let this nation hear the silent screams
Of innocent blood and long lost dreams
This is anything but freedom

Don’t you wonder what they could have changed
Could have found a cure, but they died unnamed
Little martyrs crowned with thorns
More have died than in all our wars

by CatholicBridge.com ©2005

Recording Credits
Lead & background vocals, acoustic guitars,
keyboards, programming & production by CatholicBridge.com
Drums by Stephan Ulrich