Pro-Life Pro-Family Songs

Hugh is post abortive, and a member of Silent No More. He travelled extensively giving prolife talks, concerts, sharing his testimony of abortion. For 8 years he wrote the theme songs for the National March for Life in Canada.

  • "I'm not the only one who is thinking about life issues these days and to sing about that there is no one in Canada better than Hugh."
    - Pedro Guevera Mann, Salt & Light TV
  • "Life Is The Only Choice" ... is not only a pro-life song ...was an excellent choice for the Marian Song Festival [in Guatemala]."
    - Catholic music network
  • "Participants in Canada's annual March for Life on Parliament Hill will recognize the pro-life music and testimony of Hugh ...One of Canada's most well-loved pro-life musicians."
    - Pete Vere, The Interim, Dec. 2007

    40 days for life

    Prolife songs by other artists

    Songs not linked can be found on Google or Youtube:

    • "Can I Live" - Nick Cannon
    • "Happy Birthday" - Flipsyde
    • "There's a Life Inside You" - Matthew West
    • Pro life song - Cheri DeGruccio
    • "My Chance" by Jamie Thietten
    • "Miracle" - Whitney Houston
    • Cry of the Unborn - Dustin Tavella
    • Someone From the Church Across the Street - Buddy Mullins
    • A Life that Matters, Here's song I like sung by Alicia Gardner, written and produced by Hugh Grow: Life that Matters (MP3 3.6 MG.) Here's a video some friends made of it.
    • His Momma Didn't Want Him Too Writer:  Glenn Wolfe, Singer:  Joel Wolfe Momma Didn't Want Him (mp3)
    • Writer: Kenny Merriken. In them old killing fields back home (mp3)
    • "Brick" by Ben Fold's five
    • There goes my life - Kenny Chesney
    • "You Can't Be Too Strong," by Graham Parker. Although it's not explicitly pro-life, this tune describes the horror of abortion with bracing honesty: "Did they tear it out with talons of steel, and give you a shot so that you wouldn't feel?"
    • "Keep Your Hands to Yourself," by The Georgia Satellites. An outstanding vocal performance, with lyrics that affirm old-time sexual mores: "She said no huggy, no kissy until I get a wedding vow."
    • "The Icicle Melts," by The Cranberries. A pro-life tune sung by Irish warbler Dolores O'Riordan: "I don't know what's happening to people today / When a child, he was taken away . . . 'Cause nine months is too long."
    • "Two Sisters," by The Kinks. Why the "drudgery of being wed" is more rewarding than bohemian life.
    • "Abortion," by Kid Rock. A plaintive song sung by a man who confronts his unborn child's abortion: "I know your brothers and your sister and your mother too / Man I wish you could see them too.
    • "Your Little Boy" by Song by John and Eileen Lopker
    Lord Jesus, let Your prayer of unity for Christians
    become a reality, in Your way.
    We have absolute confidence
    that you can bring your people together,
    we give you absolute permission to move.